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About Us

Gordon Schmiedl and Carole LeRoy met on a blind date in 1988.  He was wearing cowboy boots, tight jeans, and had long wavy hair,   I was wearing large shoulder pads, had bright red fingernails, spike high heels and short hair, half brown and half blond.  What a combo we made. His first impression of me was“High Maintenance, Hotsie Totsie!” and mine of him was “A Cowboy, and a man in tune with nature”.     NOT!!! I wallow in mud in the spring rain, build fences, knock out walls when needed, and am ready in the morning in about five minutes.  Gordie on the other hand is a book worm, doesn't know the difference between a pheasant and a duck , can fix anything while wearing work shoes, and takes forever to get ready for anything.   Between us we made the perfect combo to build The Appleton Inn from a 1800's rental unit. Here we are today, I am gray and he is bald but we are still laughing and finding joy all around us.  We are looking forward to all of life's possibilities.  (And we can cook!)    The Best French Toast In The World Purchase a loaf of pecan cinnamon swirl bread from Great Harvest Bread Store.  Slice into ½ inch pieces. Dredge in a mixture of two beaten eggs, ¼ c. cream, a pinch of salt, dash of cinnamon and a tsp. of good vanilla. Fry slowly in butter and olive oil. Serve with maple  syrup and enjoy.   Carole LeRoy/Schmiedl We hope to see you soon, at “The Appleton Inn” Bed & Breakfast. Call for reservations at (920) 954-0754.
The Appleton Inn
“A Feast for the Eyes, Your Home Makes Me Smile”
Telephone: 920 954-0754
On Prospect, Downtown Appleton, WI
If you have never visited a Bed & Breakfast, you may not know what to expect.  If TV and movies had any influence, you will be expecting a little old lady that owns lots of cats to greet you.  Well I must confess the old lady is true but, I'm not little.  I have a great husband Gordie and we are both allergic to cats!  You may think that there is one bathroom for fourteen people, NOT!  All of our rooms have private baths and window air-conditioning,  We had to make a few adjustments because in the 1800's there was NO indoor plumbing or electricity and your heat came from a coal furnace if you were lucky.  Through the years this house has changed many, many times.  In the 1920's it was an apartment house, then back to a private home, then back to rental units.  Now us, a Bed and Breakfast. A Bed & Breakfast is just what it says.  Homemade breakfast is part of the deal.  Yes you get waited on by two OLD people that can really cook.  We make the best French toast in the world (pecan cinnamon swirl) and also scramble a mean wild rice wrap-up.  Not bad is it?  We love to hear our guest's stories and will share some of our own over breakfast, but for the rest of your stay you are left alone to come and go as you please.  We want you to enjoy your “home away from home”. Yes we have WIFI in the whole house.  We have a large parking area, are two blocks from downtown restaurants and the PAC, and will even secure your bikes if you wish. We live in the third floor loft and can see the whole town from our dormer windows.  We are available to guide your visit to our wonderful city if your are interested. Can't wait to meet you and share our home of Joy and Happiness. Sincerely, Carole & Gordie....PS “We were made for this job!”
What to expect when you visit our Bed & Breakfast